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Piero Angela and the Caesar's forum

Remu Media Server for video mapping to Caesar's forum in Rome

The narrator will be the unmistakable voice of Piero Angela, the multimedia technology put into the field by the team of Paco Lanciano, will do the rest. And it is with the winning formula of an archeology rebuilt to the sound of digital projections, three-dimensional environments, virtual films, music and realistic noises that the Caesar's hole is reborn, the first of the five imperial holes to have been built, operation Town planning between the slopes of the Quirinale and those of the Campidoglio, inaugurated by Julius Caesar himself in 46 B.C. Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano are the encore. After the great successes of critics of the public with the show signed for the Forum of Augustus (110,000 spectators and 563 replicas), the well-known scientific populator and the famous physicist partner of many projects of enhancement related to history, they return together to sign A new Archeo-show, which foresees the exceptional evening opening from April 25 of the Caesar's forum usually closed to the public. Video Mapping Caesar's Hole

The project, presented at the Capitol by the Mayor Ignazio Marino, is promoted by the Department of Culture and Tourism-superintendency Capitolina to the cultural heritage of Rome, produced by Zetema Project Culture, with the conception and care of Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano With the collaboration of Gaetano Capasso.

that of Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano to the forum of Caesar will be a travelling spectacle, and it allows, as announced the Superintendent Capitoline Claudio Parisi Presicce, to penetrate «in the bowels of the imperial forums, under the Road», with the opening for the first time of an underground tunnel linking the Traano's forum (point of Entry) to the Caesar's forum. The guided path, along a special walkway, will face four stages, where the multimedia animations start from the remains (few) of the area. From the temple of Venus Parent, to the arcades of the Forum, to Taberne, to the Curia.

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