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REMU media synchronisation server

ReMu Regia Multimedia is the media server created by us to manage audio video contributions and light effects, adaptable to video mapping, video wall, high definition screens and combinations.

The only limitation is fantasy.

The logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
(Albert Einstein)

Our Added value

Starting the director's components
  • We design museums and museum installations
  • We develop ideas for multimedia: Immersive room, intelligent audio Guide, 3D, holograms…

We have performed several installations, among which the most recent at Quirinale (house of . There are also other equally beautiful and important ones such as those at the Fori imperiali the Museum of the railways of Naples in Pietrarsa.

Come in contact with us.

Write to us and ask us anything you want.

We are System Integrator with an experience of over ten years and we know well what it means to have a versatile and powerful tool with which to manage a show, both live and recorded.

What is REMU

And a multimedia computer system made up of

  • A media server,
  • A group of video players

You can also add a series of options such as

  • DMX Controller
  • Portable audio guides.

ReMu was born to play movies made for Video Mapping. Given its flexible and affordable nature it can also be used for videowalls, for totems, for information monitors on large areas such as airports or shopping malls.

Being a system based on TCP/IP network the distance between the places of projection of contributions is not a problem, indeed, it becomes one of the strengths.

Welcome To Rome, 80 places in immersive experience

How does it work

It can play an unlimited number of movies with different audio contributions and, of course, dimmable lighting effects also, even several km away, all perfectly synchronous.

The central server, media-server, works as a video library where you can upload gigabytes of data that are then sent to the respective clients.

Shows will be programmed with video, audio and light contents. Once the system ready, a simple smartphone will be enough to start the show.

How to use the media server

The management of the shows and their contents takes place entirely through a single Web interface.

The content you create can be brought to the media-server via USB with a pen or a portable HardDisk, or via network.

We have worked to make the operation very simple, because we know very well what it means to be close to an inauguration and in need of changing a contribution at the last minute.

Type of multimedia contributions

The system, through its projector connected players, allows Full HD video with resolution of 1920×1200 points, with a data rate of 8 Mbps per channel. A version for the 4k is planned.

The audio part shares the same quality level. Some of the accepted compressions are h264 MPEG4 divx for video while for audio MP3 Ogg wave etc.

REMU and video mapping: a winning combination

Remu is currently the most powerful tool on the market for video mapping. REMU can project a movie in HD on a building as it can project HD movies on hundreds of palaces km away in different continents and always perfectly synchronized making everyone listen to their own language with the same light effects.

References of our installations

We provide you with a section with case histories (in italian language) and news taken from sites and heads of national scope.

Panasonic talks about it here (in italian language): https://www.panasonic.com/it/corporate/news/articles/il-foro-ai-tempi-di-augusto–ricostruzione-virtuale-con-panasoni.html

And here too: https://business.panasonic.it/sistemi-visuali/il-foro-ai-tempi-di-augusto-ricostruzione-virtuale-con-panasonic


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