Remu for Welcome to Rome, directed by multi display

Directing multi Display

We have installed our obtaining system directing multi display complete, extending it with new features.

The system of directing content is able to control all the multimedia aspects of the exhibition and show complex of the new museum conceived by Paco Lanciano Welcome to Rome.

Show organization

The system allows you to accommodate several exhibit areas within which you can configure multitudes of shows, and control how the sequence of the unfolding.

Within these shows you can activate video systems, portable audio and lights. The whole is governed by a system of directing that allows you to specify and modify every detail. Finally, to ensure a more immersive experience, the visitors are equipped with a personal audio player, which contains the audio guide in their own language and, thanks to the proximity detection, determines the change of content to be listened to.

Remu 2

The main novelty of this new version lies in the fact that with this direction, the control software allows to manipulate all the components of the shows independently and very easily.

All these features make up the new product ' Remu ' that accompanies the baptism of the prestigious WELCOME TO ROME.

Obtaining Welcome to Rome
Obtaining in action in the backstage of the museum Welcome to Rome

Video YouTube Multimedia travel Welcome to Rome


In the end we collect some of the articles that appeared in these hours on virtually all Italian cultural newspapers.

AGI: Welcome_to_rome

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